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For sure you really want to get rid of your excess weight and free yourself from face puffiness, body swelling, skin problems, and cellulite. If you are looking for a much easier but more effective way of losing weight, a lymphatic drainage treatment might just be the solution to your problem.

A lymphatic drainage  is a type of treatment that uses natural and manual techniques to improve the body’s lymphatic system by about 20 times as much. The lymphatic system is like a pump that keeps your body fluids constantly moving. It is very important because when it is inactive or blocked, there could be numerous health problems in the body from a buildup of lymphatic fluid, bloating and swelling, too much water retention, and compromised immunity. Also, too many toxins accumulated in the body causing unnecessary strain to your internal organs.

To address these problems, a lymphatic drainage massage uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to prompt lymph flow. This enables our system to get rid of lymph fluid naturally because it will be redirected to the unblocked lymph nodes. 




Detox the body

It helps reduce the buildup of lymph in these swollen areas, moving the lymph fluid through the lymphatic system. The massage encourages the lymph fluid to move and not remain stagnant. In effect, the dead cells, toxins, and waste products are then eliminated from the body more quickly and efficiently.


Skin elasticity is improved

It promotes blood circulation throughout your body which encourages new cell growth. This results in an enormous reduction in the number of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. The massage also improves skin tightness and gives it a youthful and elastic feeling.


Helps eliminating celulites

By draining existing congestion and preventing fluid from accumulating in the lymphatic system, manual lymphatic drainage keeps the nodes clear to better remove potential cellulitis-causing pathogens.


Essential for post surgery

It helps to move the fluid that’s built up and allows it to move back into the lymphatic passages where excess waste and fluid can be flushed from the body. This prevents fibrosis, which is the development of thick, fibrous scar tissue under the skin as well as reduces swelling and bruising.


Activates immune system

The Lymph can be called the body’s garbage collector, picking up waste and harmful pathogens and preparing them for removal from the body. so, when the lymphatic system works well, you have a stronger defense against illnesses .


Aids on weight loss

A healthy lymphatic system means you also have a healthy metabolic rate. Likewise, a higher metabolic rate indicates that you burn more fat in your body even if you are only sitting or being inactive. A lymphatic drainage massage makes sure that your metabolic rate will not slow down so that you will avoid gaining weight.


Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit people who are experiencing the following:


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