the ultimate Brazilian retreat and
achieve total relaxation only at Bossa Spa!


A Brazilian Day Spa



Clarifying Facial 

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A deep cleaning in your face using an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face, making your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment helps to:

- Remove acne blemishes, sun and aging marks by brightening and renewing the skin. 
It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” and short hair on your face. 
You will may notice that your skin looks brighter immediately after you’re finished the treatment. 

Facial Lymphatic Drainage 


A  Facial Lymphatic Drainage is an alternative to alleviate problems such as

  • Swelling

  • Headaches and nasal congestion
    This technique:

  • Actives the circulation

  • Balancing the contours of the face

  • Relaxes the muscles and stimulates the body to expel as toxins 

    The skin will be revitalized, softer and silky, reducing eye pockets and dark, circle-shaped spots.  In addition, the drainage reduces the acne scarring, as well as a relaxing and sedative effect can be helpful for people suffering from stress, insomnia and anxiety. 

    There aren't contraindications, including the treatment recommended by professionals during the postoperative and fillings.

Vichy Shower

The Vichy Shower of Bossa Spa consists of seven strategically positioned showers so that they cascade over your back and legs.

Inspired by the natural mineral sources of the city of Vichy in France, this treatment balances and allows the body to detoxify and relax.

Special Price: $88



- Lymphatic Drainage $250 / 10 sessions - $1900

- Amazon Rainforest Body Scrub $85

- Hot Bamboo Body Treatment $120

- Detox Seaweed Body Wrap $280

- Mom-To-Be Body Scrub $85

- Slimming Body Treatment $300 / 10 sessions - $2590

- Vichy Shower $88


- The Signature $120
- Quick Fix $88

- Teen Facial $150

- Peeling Clarifying Facial $480

- Anti-Aging Facial $140

- Men's Facial $160

- Mom-to-be Facial $158

- Winter Skin Rehab $198

- Pigmentation Clarifying Facial 
$220 / 10 sessions - $1800

Brazilian Waxing
and More

- Eyelash Extensions 
Classic - $150/ Volume $220/ Hybrid - $180
- Brazilian Golden Body Veil Treatment
(Hair Bleaching)
U$30 / Half Leg U$40 / Belly U$20 / Back U$40 / Whole Leg U$80 / Whole Body U$220)
- Permanent Makeup 
(price under consultation)

Couple Treatment

- Mom & Me $680
- Bossa Nova $480

- Pre-Natal Couple Treatment $400
- Detox $600
- Love in Rio $5



Male Brazilian Bikini Wax $85

Male Full Butt Wax $60

Male Full Back Wax $65

Male Upper Back Wax $40

Male Lower Back Wax $40

Male Chest Wax $45

Male Stomach Wax $40

Male Shoulder Wax $30

Male Neck Wax $30

Male Half Lower Leg Wax $40

Male Half Upper Leg Wax $50

Male Full Arm Wax $55

Male Half Arm Wax $35

Male Underarm Wax $20

Male Ear Wax $20

Male Eyebrow Wax & Trim $25

Men Eyebrow Trim $35

Male Full Body Wax – No Face $300

Male Full Body Wax – No Brazilian – No Face $200

Experience the ultimate Brazilian retreat and achieve total relaxation only at Bossa Spa!

BOSSA SPA offers traditional and contemporary spa treatments that combine skin care science with Brazil’s best-kept beauty secrets.


Nestled at the heart of Beverly Hills, Bossa Spa offers an enclave of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.


Guests can indulge in a wide array of spa and beauty treatments in our five fully private rooms, equipped with state of the art facilities and relaxing interiors.



Mon - Fri 
10am to 10pm

Sat - Sun
10am to 10pm


(424) 302.3335



At Bossa Spa, we always aim to provide a blissful and relaxing experience. We are happy to offer on-site services to select spa treatments. 


please contact us for more information

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